Friday, December 6, 2013

Last Post :(

     Farwell Suckaaaaas. Just kidding, don’t get your panties in a bunch. This is my last required blog, number 10. Shout out to my professor Sweeney for exposing myself and my classmates to blogging. I was a little defense about it at first because I don’t enjoy writing in general, but I can honestly say I took great pleasure in writing these blogs, and wouldn't mind creating a “real” blog that could possibly include advice, and just my random thoughts. Blogging has its secret benefits. Blogging can increase creativity, allow one to think outside the box, one can become a better writer, and it also can put one in the public eye. I can obviously verify because I’m currently typing this post and have a pretty good blog if I may say so myself. On that note, I’m going to wrap this up. Keep looking out for a new blog link for my “advice, and just my random thoughts” blog. Bye guysssss. You’ve been lovely. Love ya :*

Just Thinking...

This week has been especially stressful because of the mountains of homework, essays, and whatever else these so- called teachers expect to be done by nearing dates. And when you think about it, it's only Tuesday.  So I got myself together and made a list of off the things that needed to be completed with the corresponding dates attached Monday afternoon. One thing in particular that caught my eye was the fact that another English blog was due. I figured after my eight o'clock I'd sprint to the library and start on it. I got up at 6:30 this morning, hopped in the shower as usual and began absorbing ideas about all the possible things I could write about. And that's when it hit me, thinking in the shower. And I know whoever is reading this is thinking, *scratches head* thinking in the shower? But really, has any "normal" individual like me taken five minutes out of their shower just to stand and think? I mean think about it, one may sit in a classroom for however long, and just can't seem to get those brain juices flowing, but somehow the cadence of falling water suddenly makes one feel passively engaged and full of thoughts and information. I don’t know about many of you, but I think showers should play a huge part in the daily activities that are instructed during class.

Dilemma's of a Disconnected Cell Phone

I mentioned in my previous blog entitled “The Hidden Agenda” that my phone is liable to cut off any day now because I wasn’t able to catch up with my phone bill. Well guess what IT’S OFF, and I’m seriously losing my mind. I’m assuming everyone knows the old cliché saying “you never miss a good thing till it’s gone.” It amazes me of the things we as a generation take for granted. Are we really that dependent on our cell phones? Don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions to everything, but it seems like without our phones we’re missing persons left in a jungle in the middle of nowhere. LOST. SOS? Luckily, I have an iPhone and can still text and use apps as long as I have wifi. Thank you Steve Jobs. But no thank you nTelos for disconnecting my phone without warning. I can’t get in contact with anyone unless I beg my roommates to use their phones, or travel across campus to use a RBC owned phone. I honestly feel like I live across the map, over in California and in actuality I’m 45 minutes away in Petersburg trying to reach family members in Richmond. What is life without a cellular device? There is none.

The Hidden Agenda

College, the place that teaches you how the world is financially screwing you over, while financially screwing you over. To the person(s) currently reading this, please take a few seconds to read to yourself over and over again the statement above. Heck, how about even taking a few minutes to spread the word to someone other than yourself. After consuming, devouring, and swallowing the opening statement. I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to regurgitate. I'm especially disgusted about how genuine those 19 little words are. Right on the money. Of those who haven't arrived at a titanic size stomach ache yet, allow me to quantitatively break it down for you through personal experience. Ever since enrolling into school, Richard Bland College, I've been introduced to financial slums. I'm literally in debt above my head, and I just recently turned 19. From financial aid not covering all my tuition, so I had to put a 1,000 dollar loan on my car (which is currently drawing interest and has doubled twice it's worth), to not being able to catch up with my phone bill because I'm past due (which is liable to cut off any day now), to not knowing if I should sacrifice spending five dollars on a quick, fast, and in a hurry meal at McDonalds, or head across the street to the nearest gas station just to make sure I make it home. You're hoping it'll all be worth it in the end, but there just seems to be no finish line, no time soon. Should I keep going and going until I'm drenched with sweat and my kneecaps are about to collapse, or just say "hey, this isn't for me" and make a quick u- turn?

Richmond Symphony

                A few ago, I attended the Richmond Symphony to watch the Nutcracker Ballet. I tell you, if you haven’t visited a symphony, concert, ballet, or anything linking to the theater, you’re truly missing out. I’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical about going, but I figured I try it out. What a great experience. It was something different, but different in a good way.
            The theater room was among one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The lights were well laminated throughout the room to give a romantic and tender feel. The stage was full of live members of the symphony. You could clearly see the love and passion for their instrument, the music, the craft, and the art. The actors and actresses were dressed to par. The ballet was superb, definitely worth the expense. It was amazing to see how the crowd reacted to everything. Something that others would consider ‘lame’ or ‘boring’ was the total opposite to these people. The emotions on their faces were overwhelming and everyone begged for an encore.

            So if you’re ever in Richmond, or any other cities who have a credible theater, be sure to stop by and enjoy the true beauty of classical music and the art of theater. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

Well today, November 26, 2013, is my cat Sebastian’s birthday, she turned two today. Now I know people may wonder if it was a grammatical mistake by calling Sebastian a “she,” but in actuality you’re wrong. Sebastian is a girl. Everyone always asks why did I name her that, and here it is. I used to watch Little Mermaid every night before I went to bed as a child and absolutely fell in love with Ariel’s best friend Sebastian the lobster. I always said the next time I get a pet, boy or girl it will be named Sebastian because it will be my best friend. There you have it and to think we really are best friends. Please don’t assume I’m going to end up being the old lady, alone with 20 cats. It’s just me and Sebastian have a deep bond that me and another could ever share. The love a human can have with their animal companion is amazing and quite cute. Anyway, happy birthday Sebastian, and I wish you many more! See you when I get home J

Military? Maybe?

I’ve been thinking about my future lately, and I’ve been considering going to the military. I’m not really sure which branch would fit me best, so I still need to do my research. A lot of military brats try to give me their opinion on which branch is easiest, hardest, largest, most respected, etc. I’ve narrowed it down to the navy or air force, but I’m sort of kind of scared of water and scared of heights. Something that I have to rid of before I join either one huh? I have people in my ear telling me I can’t do it, or I won’t make it, or once I sign that dotted line it won’t be what I expected. I guess it depends on the experience I get from it. But when people tell me that, it makes me more anxious to prove them wrong. I mean who wouldn’t take the opportunity? There’s always a spot for any and every one, you’ll always be protected, fed, housed, discounts, holidays, and best of all they pay for your schooling. You can’t beat it. Hopefully I can get recruited this summer.